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Hervé Tassery (France)

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Molecular basis of fluorescence-based diagnostic

Csilla Gergely (France)

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Multiphonic microscopy of tooth and dental caries

Frédéric Cuisinier (France)

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Functional mapping of carious enamel and dentine with confocal Raman microscopy.

Bruno Jacquot (France)

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In-vivo mimicking of caries: A way to understand the origin of fluorescence.

Ivan Panayotov (Bulgaria)

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DIAGNOcam, the new generation of caries diagnosis by Kavo.

Frank Emde (Germany)

Evaluating and Comparing Visual and Fluorescence imaging methods in assessing the severity of occlusal caries- A clinical study.

Neeraj Gugnani  (India)

Clinical apllications of fluorescence based methods

Hervé Tassery(France)



Fluorescence based periodontal diseases diagnostic

 Laurent Vidot (France)

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 Fluorescence –based oral cancer diagnostic

 Ann Gillenwater (USA)

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Oral cancer detection using autofluorescence

 J-C Fricain (France)

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Consensus meeting on fluorescence  scale caries diagnostic.

Peter Reichmann (USA)

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